Farewell colleague: many tips

What can you do for the farewell of a colleague? Are you looking for examples, tips for texts, poems and or gifts?
With this website we like to help you to make a success out of the farewell of a colleague!

Farewell colleague

How sad that you have to say goodbye to a colleague! Is your collegeau retiring? Or leaving for an other job? Of course you want to say goodbye at a fun, unique and personal way. And we like to help you with that. We put some organisational stuff all together for you, have great uniques ideas, gifts and a source of inspiration. To have a great memory of the farewell of a colleague.

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Invitations for the farewell

How can you handle it best to invite everybody for the farewellparty or farewell reception? That depends on a couple of things, like the gift, size of the company and the time between now and the farewell. Is your gift a farewell album? Then you need to take this into account already while sending the invitations. We put a lot of tips and points of attention for the invitations together..

Farewellgift colleague

One of the most important things is the
farewell gift that you give to your colleague. What would your colleague like? A lot of them like it to get something personal, like a great memory of his / her colleagues, the company or job. But that depends of course on how long that person worked at the company and the reason of leaving. Was it a loved person or a relatively unknown one? We have also a lot of tips and ideas for a farewell gift. For example how to make a farewellalbum or choose another great gift.

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